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Bail: The Bounty Hunter

In Bail's world, if you don't turn up for your trial then your next of kin is forced to face your sentence instead! Bail's a bounty hunter, it's his job to track down any no-shows so that their sons, daughters, wives, husbands, nieces, or nephews don't end up serving prison time for crimes their relatives committed!

What is Bail the Bounty Hunter?

Bail the Bounty Hunter is a traditional, top down, pixel-art, RPG that calls back to the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo era.

Who Am I?

My name's Sam, I'm married, have two kids, and work full-time as a Designer in my day job. I've been using the RPG Maker engine since high school, when I got my hands on the then-current RPG Maker 2003. Some of my favourite games of all time are JRPGs, such as Final Fantasy IX and Persona 5, and I really enjoy crafting my own titles.

What's the Indie Game Making Contest 2018?

Exactly what it sounds like! It's a game jam hosted by Degica, the publishers of RPG Maker, with three prizes of $5,000 USD up for grabs! If I win, I plan on taking my wife on honeymoon.


Scenario and graphics:

M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack by FoxAudio Creations


RPG Maker MV published by Degica

Special thanks:
Joanna Webster
Maya Webster
Greyson Webster
Richard Savage
Terry Cain
Carole Matthewson


Bail IGMC 18.zip 200 MB


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Ok, I'm just going to do this in points as to what I liked, what I didn't etc, its in no particular order.

1. graphics were very good, tilesets fit the theme, and bust where well presented.

2. Interesting world concept, I enjoyed the idea of how the justice system works and the motivation Bail has to get the right person to turn u for trial. Very impressed by the thought that went into that, and the dialogue was excellent.

3. I hate that it's not a completely seperate battle screen, seeing the map dimmed beneath the fight was very off putting for me, an actual battle screen I feel may have made things easier to see. the entire first battle I didn't realise we'd moved to a battle screen at all, it was very disconcerting.

4. The mapping was good, but once we left the warehouse area there were no real indicators as to where I should be going and when we were directed back to the cafe I was sort of like "Whyyyyyy? I could have gone in there first and sorted the whole thing out without nearling getting lost checking doors that wouldn't open!" but that might just be me.

Overall the game was intersting and I liked it, I would love to see more. I think you've put a lot of effort and thought in. I would like to note that I was afraid to talk to anyone in case I ended up in a battle, so you might want to think about some way to show who is safe to talk to.

Also, sassy Granny in the cafe for the Win! I love that old woman!

Thank you so much! Absolutely take the battle screen on board, I think when I continue to develop this as a full game adding battle backgrounds is going to be a priority. I also take your point that some of the maps don't naturally lead the player to where they need to go and I should rethink their layout. Heck yeah, sassy granny, she was my play tester's favourite too!

Really enjoyed playing this. The pixel style graphics are great and the music really compliments them, brings back lots of nostalgic feels. The main character is really intriguing and badass, makes me want to know more about him and how he ended up where he is. Good luck:)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! However the contest plays out, I'd like to carry on working on this as a full fat game for a proper release down the line so keep your eyes peeled :D

For those curious, I've posted a forum thread in the Indie Game Making Contest 2018's Community that talks about the creative decison making behind-the-scenes! https://itch.io/t/345964/bail-the-bounty-hunter